MontessoriConnections had it’s beginning in Sept. of 1998. It is one of the oldest and largest¬†Montessori education resource websites on the internet at the time. It provides interested viewers with basic information about Montessori and the educational method she founded.

The site also has lists of consultants, publications and organizations. The MarketPlace has lists of Montessori materials, supplementary materials, general education materials, classroom furniture and more.

The site also has a directory of US, Canadian and International Montessori schools. Visitors can also find Montessori training programs in the US, Canada and other countries.


  • About Montessori Education
  • Montessori Education MarketPlace
  • Montessori Organizations
  • Montessori Consultants
  • Montessori Publications
  • Montessori School Directory
  • Montessori Teacher Education
  • Events Calendar
  • Montessori News
  • Classified Ads
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