About Us

Edgar Ball has an MA. in Early Childhood Special Education from The University of Texas at Austin. He received his Montessori training in 1981. With over 30 years experience in education he has worked in Head Start programs, served as preschool consultant for rural Minnesota school districts, supervised a Montessori infant nursery program in Los Angeles and trained teachers for early childhood education and special education programs in Texas and California.

He was a university instructor for more than seven years at National University in the Southern California area teaching graduate education courses in behavior management, neurological development, heath education and early childhood education.

Edgar has been an Advanced Trainer in the Structure of Intellect (SOI) since 1985 and is trained in the John Bradshaw method for clinical treatment of co-dependency. He has made numerous presentations at the National Center for Montessori Education over the last 15 years.

He has served as an administrator in private and charter Montessori schools in Arizona. He currently is a partner in IntelleQuest Education Company, an education and internet services business that designs and hosts web sites and develops and markets Structure of Intellect based educational materials and conducts workshops for teachers and parents.

Jeffrey Steed, M.Ed. Has an Master in Special Education from University of California San Diego. He is currently a special education teacher at Canyon View High School in Waddell, AZ. In addition to his special education duties there he runs a new program called Games for Growth which uses video games for improving students’ intellectual abilities. This innovative program is based on the Structure of Intellect Model of Human Intelligence (SI). The grant funding the is program has been extended in the next year.

His work with SI began when he opened Excel Learning Center in February of 1989. Between that date and mid-1998, he and his staff tested and instructed hundreds of students using his own approach applying the SI model to develop learning abilities in academically challenged students. The SI Model and perceptual-motor models were two key components in this program. He has been an advanced trainer in the Structure of Intellect for over ten years.

After closing Excel Learning Center, Jeff turned to applying the methods of learning he used to technology and to conduct educational research to further develop effective training for learning-challenged individuals. This current work is brought together in the IntelleQuest Education Company of which Jeff is a co-founder and partner. The company also develops educational web sites and markets Structure of Intellect based educational materials and conducts workshops for teachers and parents.