We Are Learning Experts

Advancing Learning Through Teaching Thinking

IntelleQuest Education Company is a educational technology and media company. Our work is directed toward developing intellectual abilities in children and adults. The abilities that we are focused on are based on the Structure of Intellect Model of Human Intelligence.

This model three dimensional model made up of 90 fully researched and confirmed abilities. These abilities are the underlying abilities that are required for successful development of skills and academic abilities such as reading, arithmetic, mathematics, memory, problems solving and creativity.

We develop games, apps and media aimed at improving these abilities in children to aide in their success in school and their life generally.


Our mission is a quest to improve human intelligence. We are focused on designing educational apps and materials that stimulate and support the development and improvement of intellectual abilities for improved learning and general functioning.


We see IntelleQuest Education Company as a leader in providing a subscription service to individual children and adults and to organizations, like schools and businesses, for the purpose of correcting and improving intellectual functioning worldwide.

This service would be provided primarily online through targeted app groupings or suites that cognitively advance areas of learning like arithmetic or reading.


We know that intelligence can be increased which includes remediation for under developed intellectual abilities along with improving or enhancing those that are strong. Improving intellectual abilities includes comprehension, memory, decision making, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity among others. We believe everyone ought to be given the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. Improving intellectual abilities is an important key in the this process.