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Website Design and Hosting Services

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Web Design Services

After launching MontessoriConnections in 1998, we were asked by many  schools and organization to build their websites. Over the years we have built many school, organization and business websites.

If  your school needs a website or news a new or redeveloped site, we can help with developing your site.  As educators we understand schools and their needs. We can help you in developing sites that will serve your program and community.

We can build a site that you can manage yourself if  you want or we can maintain it for you. Contact us if you can use our services.

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Hosting Services

We can not only build your site, we can provide the hosting services for your site. Most website developers provide hosting for their clients. We maintain regular monitoring of our hosted sites to make sure that they are always online.

Security for websites if important these days. Through our regular monitoring and our hosting partner we can add additional layer of protection for your site.

If you already have a website and are interested in having it hosted by us, please contact us for additional information.

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