Is Creativity Important to Education?

In this now famous TED Talk, Sir Ken Robinson asks a critical question: “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” Asks us to examine how important creativity is to education, to students and to the richness of our culture. He further supports his views on education and the importance of creativity in this 2015 book, Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education.

Sir Kenneth Robinson is a British author, speaker and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non-profits, education and arts bodies. He was Director of the Arts in Schools Project (1985–89) and Professor of Arts Education at the University of Warwick (1989–2001), and is now Professor Emeritus at the same institution, In 2003 he was knighted for services to art. Robinson now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children. This video of Robinson’s presentation TED Talk is the second most watched TED talk of all time  with more than 13 million views(2017).

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