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In this blog it is our intent to share with our visitors information from individuals we believe have much to say about the current state of education and the future that we need to be looking toward.

Education needs as much help as we all can give it. But it doesn’t just need our criticism, it needs our vision, inspiration and support to get there. If we care about our children, REALLY CARE ABOUT THEM, we would put in place a state of the art education system that insures the best methods, systems and teachers for meeting the developing needs of students.

Two things that we must learn in considering any education method

  1. content is meaningless if we do not teach students to think and develop their basic fundamental, intellectual abilities;
  2. educational impact CANNOT be measured by testing. It’s impact can only truly be measured when we see what kind of an adult we have created.

If we hope to have a better future, better informed society, an enlighten culture and a peaceful world, then it is time we put our money into what we say we want.

In this blog we hope to inspire, enlighten and move you to support the educational programs that will help to shape better humans, societies and world.

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