Welcome to IntelleQuest Education Company

IntelleQuest Education Company is a new media education company specializing in internet services, digital media,  and developing traditional and digital materials and workshops for teachers and parents. We are specialists in the Structure of Intellect Model of Human Intelligence.

sf-logo-medWe are developing educational materials for the Apple iPad designed to develop specific intellectual abilities for children based on the Structure of Intellect Model. We will also have activities and games for adults to stimulate intellectual abilities and keep their brian sharp and attentive.

If you have any questions or interest in our work and activities, please contact us and let us hear from you.



Newest app is now available. Our new app Color Matching for Toddlers available in the App Store. This app develops color perception for toddlers by matching colored objects to color areas. It also begins to teach the color name and the color words.

Through our IntelleSoft apps and software developing division, we now have eight apps available on the App Store.

We recently updated our Infant Vision Stimulation app by adding 9 multi-language track that play in the background as the visual images are playing. In the same way that the vision images develop vision, the music and language audio tracks in the app develop audio abilities in infants. This app is for infants from 1 to 12 months of age.

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